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Emotional support for international clients

Mind Sverige is a provider of convenient emotional support for international clients. We have different solutions securing emotional wellbeing, both in your private and professional life.
We work in many different languages and offer employee wellbeing support to employees both in Sweden and worldwide.  We are happy to connect via video call, telephone, on-site or at our clinic. 
Our employees

We equip employees for challenges

We empower employees with tools and resilience to tackle challenges such as performance issues, stress, sleep deprivation, relationship strains, work-life balance, and leadership. Our goal is to guide and equip them to effectively manage and overcome these hurdles, enabling them to perform at their best. We recognize the significance of these factors in both personal and professional lives, and strive to cultivate a supportive and empowering workplace that fosters growth and development.


Meet our team

Introducing our team of therapists specially trained to assist our international clients. Proficient in English, they bring a wealth of expertise to provide top-notch care and support. We ensure every individual receives the assistance and guidance they deserve.


Book a session with us.

We're here to support HR and managers with consultations. Need more info? Private and corporate clients, please fill out the form below; we'll respond promptly.

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Mind Sverige
Högalidsgatan 35
117 30 Stockholm


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Mind Sverige

Vi är en vårdgivare och arbetar under strikt tystnadsplikt , vi arbetar under tillsyn av IVO och socialstyrelsen.

Om läget är akut eller om du har tankar på att ta ditt liv bör du uppsöka en psykiatrisk akutmottagning, eller så ringer du 112.